July 2014

With only 6 inches of rain from the first of April 2013 to March 2014, things have been very ordinary. This year’s sale bulls have don’t it very tough, on the 25th of March we received 2 inches our first rain for the year. It really wasn’t enough to plan oats on but we gave it a go, some survived, some didn’t. A further 1 and a half inches was received on the 23rd of May. 70 bulls went onto 175 aces of oats on the 20th of June, fingers crossed that it will last them until sale time. Feeding all our cattle and carting water has been a full time job. Thanks to Blake Munro and Gavin Robinson from elders who found us some agistment, on the 23rd of April 214 breeders were trucked to ‘Clover Downs’ Cunnamulla and 107 heifers went to ‘Shalimar’ Condamine. All calves were weaned, down to three months of age; the weaner bulls have a big job ahead of them if they are going to make bulls for next year’s sale.